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Why we don’t recommend BTGuard

After testing BTGuard we do not recommend this VPN at all. When testing we could not get this VPN to work properly and we received zero response from customer service. Due to the experience we had when testing and to the numerous complaints and customer reviews we saw online we label BTGuard as a scam website and we suggest to not waste your money as you will not receive a refund from BTGuard as they ignore customer inquiries. BTGuard have become so widely known as a scam website they even own the website where they try and dupe people that their software works.

Is the price reasonable?

BTGuard VPN service costs $9.88 per month. BTGuard also offers a bittorrent proxy package for $6.90. While this is a low price the software doesn’t work so you will literally be throwing your money away as the customer service does not reply so you will not a receive a refund from this company.

Is BTGuard hide IP program reliable?

Unfortunately BTGuard appears to be a scam site with many reviews of customers stating the VPN service does not work.

Server Locations:

BTguards servers are limited to Canada, Europe and Singapore which is very limited, however this software does not work anyway.

Customer Service:

We rate BTGuard a one out of ten for software features as there is too many reviews online stating this product simply does not work. There is just as many reviews online stating BTGuard never replies to any questions or contact from customers. We strongly suggest not to purchase this product as this appears to be a scam website.