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Why HideMyAss is the best hide IP program for bittorrents

While there are numerous VPN software that work with bittorrent clients, HideMyAss is the only software that has a feature to shutdown a bittorrent client if there is ever a drop-out during the connection giving you 100% percent protection.

That means if your using a bittorrent client and the VPN should suddenly lose connection usually your real IP address would be exposed, HideMyAss has a setting that shuts down your bittorrent client should you ever lose connection meaning your real IP will never be exposed, a very important factor currently no other VPN provides.

Why we rate HideMyAss best hide IP program

We rate Hide My Ass the best hide IP program not only for their bittorrent features but their overall high quality hide IP program and customer service. When testing the HideMyAss VPN we never experienced any drop-outs, the software is extremely easy to set up and use and the settings dashboard is very clear making it easy to use especially for VPN beginners.

Why HideMyAss has the best customer service quality

Hide My Ass has the widest range of customer service available than any other VPN company. Hide My Ass offer live chat or email support and a community forum which is maintained by Hide My Ass staff always ready to answer questions or offer support.